Finishing up 2011...

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to drop a little update of what I've been up to. I am evaluating what I did and didn't accomplish in 2011, and figuring out how to make some improvements in the future.  This year I accomplished many things but most importantly 2011 taught me I have a lot to more to learn.

Right now, I am working on a bunch of new pieces to be posted ASAP and I'm trying to figure out what the grand plans of 2012 will be. I am pretty excited about next year and will be working on getting my work in magazine and books. I'll be focusing more on editorial illustration and storytelling...but more on that later.

So, until my grand New Years resolution is a lovely new video by Featherbeard & Lavender Lee.  Isn't it fun? I love all the creativity(and happy darkness) that went into making it. It is kind of inspiring to me for the new year.

What are you doing to finish off your year? Are you excited as I am about having a clean slate? Here's to whatever is next!

mid-week music break...Kate Bush

Ok, here is the song that I would love shout from my rooftop. What a voice she possesses. Listening to it always makes me feel powerful for some reason. It's like she figured out her whole world now she is off to conquer it.

It's is a oldie but goodie...

What songs make you feel powerful?

mid-week music...

I randomly found this video on line and it just floored me. It is done by the incredibly talented duo Alasdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney. I love all the drawings and layers of so many things going on at once. It must have been so hard to get this going just right. I imagine many takes, and a lot of frustration. But it is beautifully. Good work guys.

Check out more of their work at

Tom Fun Orchestra - Throw Me To The Rats from Alasdair & Jock on Vimeo. is another really cute one. 

Clinic - Bubblegum from Alasdair & Jock on Vimeo.

Ain't they fun?

midweek music break-Pixies

Getting to work on a bunch of new illustrations...Yay! Here is a little bit of music that keeps me happy while I draw...Isn't it amazing what a little change in sound can do to your energy levels?

The Pixies always make my mood change for the better. You can't help but be in a bouncier head space after cranking these songs up. Yes, I think it is impossible.

Can you tell I went to art school in Boston in the 1990's.

What are your favorite songs/bands that get you motivated to get work DONE?