About Me:

Hi! I'm Debra Styer and I am a artist and illustrator. I was born in the small town of Dudley, Massachusetts in 1971 and moved to San Francisco after graduating from Massachusetts College of Art in 1995.  I moved to San Francisco to pursue my dream of being an illustrator. My imagery is inspired by my deep love of history (my favorite being the Victorian Era). Although I have experimented with many types of painting, I've discovered my heart belongs to watercolor and gouache.

I founded Bluehour Studio in 2010, (aka Debra Styer Illustration) where I've been working hard creating new characters and stories. I'm currently illustrating my first book. 

I live in San Francisco with my husband, Damon and our sweet kitty Pierre.

Here's a video of me talking about my work at Creative Live.



You can also find me here:

My Etsy Shop (bluehour studio)