Mission Street Party!

Next week, December 10th,  the Mission District in San Francisco will be going all out. Walk around and check out all the goodness my neighborhood has to offer and catch up on your holiday shopping too. Go local and and support some wonderful businesses while finding the coolest stuff at the same time. I say it's a win-win. Who's gonna join me?

More info here!

A Walk in my Neighborhood

I decided to start adding some photos I've been taking to this blog. I've always loved photography and wanted to share some with you. Today, I had jury duty and was excused a little early. Surprise vacation day I say. I spent all day walking around San Francisco and being inspired. He are are few of the shots I took.

Fresh Flowers from BiRite
Paxton Gate for Kids...One of my favorite kids stores
The Bell Jar...A Place I could live in
At Four Barrell Coffee
In Anthropologie