Hitting the Wall - Searching for a Place

Because everyone needs a place to hang their hat...via George Eastman House
I hesitated to do my New Years Resolutions this year because I have a lot of uncertainty right now. One of the big things that I am forced to do this year is find a new place to live. And in a city like San Francisco, this is a crazy endeavor.

I don't want to bore you all with the details, but basically my landlord is selling our apartment and retiring. So we have to go. It's a pretty sucky situation because I love where I live. I'm in the heart of the Mission, which is a very cool place to in San Francisco. I don't know where Damon and I will go. The prices in the city are crazy. If anyone wants to talk about lots of late night panic attacks, I've become an expert...

It makes me question all things. With a higher rent (or possibly a mortgage), do you put your career on hold while you look for a day job? Do you keep pushing on and hope for a miracle to happen? What do you do when you can't plan for a near future?

Hopefully, all this will be settled in the next few months. I must remain positive, and keep those worst case scenerios out of my brain...And my husband and I (and damnit, I pray the cat can come too) will be happily living in a new spot in the city where we love even more than this place now. And I will be back in full force and planning all my crazy new artistic endeavours to share with you all.

 So... if anyone knows of lovely places to rent or buy out there in San Francisco or perhaps a cool creative part time job...PLEASE let me know.

Thank you!

whole lotta shaking going on...

It's late and I can't concentrate because we had two different strong earthquakes today in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was very nerve racking and felt very strong. My whole house shook. There is no damage that I've heard of yet, but even that little bit of fear gets to you. Man, I need a drink. Oh...did I mention our local bay area crazy person, Harold Camping, has predicted tomorrow as the day the world ends...

So why all this shaking going on? Who knows it must be...

Ok...I know that I can just ring this up as another weird day in earthquake country. I hope I get some sleep tonight.

How do you calm your nerves? Anyone have any secrets?

Favorite Places & Spaces...

I walked around my neighborhood today and visited one of my favorite stores...Gypsy Honeymoon.

I want to own everything inside...


Madonna & the Metals

Faces hidden in the case

Fabulous frames

Vintage Shampoo Ad

Two girls and some stamped metal

Antique polka-dots dress

Fabrique a'la Gare

Beautiful carved head
Couldn't you just live in this store?

Mission Street Party!

Next week, December 10th,  the Mission District in San Francisco will be going all out. Walk around and check out all the goodness my neighborhood has to offer and catch up on your holiday shopping too. Go local and and support some wonderful businesses while finding the coolest stuff at the same time. I say it's a win-win. Who's gonna join me?

More info here!

Renegade Craft Fair

I had a such wonderful time at the fair. There was so much to look at and I must admit perhaps I was a little bit overwhelmed. So much goodness in one place. I could only spend a few hours poking around on Saturday  but I managed to take a some pics of my favorites. Hope you found some new favorite things there too. Thank you for introducing me to some many cool new artists, Renegade!

from birdmafia

cute plushies from munaluna

ok... so I'm a sucker for all of the cuteness here is a few more from OhMaFelt.

Adorable posters from Hero Design Studio

beards and such from I made you a beard

me being fashion forward and fuzzy faced.

beautifully delicate porcelain by heydeydesign.

more lovely ceramics by Sara Paloma

the always lovely, the small stakes,  Jason Munn

Amazing prints by Alice Jarry

There was much inspiration had. I can't wait till next year and I can spend the entire day admiring all the cool things that flashed before me. Good luck to all the artists and designers who I met and were kinda jealous of. And here is to the day I can join you all with my own art and illustrations. Until next time....