winter white

Living in San Francisco is wonderful. There is always something going on, things are easy to get to and the weather is just fine. Nothing too crazy, a little rain here and there. Maybe a few minutes of hail if your lucky enough to witness it but pretty much the same kind of weather all year long.

So why am I talking about the weather? Well, I'm originally from Massachusetts and ever so often I yearn for the cold and the snow. Maybe not enough to live there again but just a little taste to get those memories flowing...

Every kid should get to go carriage skating...via Nationaal Archief

Winter Walk original drawing by Oh My Cavalier
Now that's dedication via the Smithsonian
Lovely Snowy piece by Lizzy Stewart
Here's one from my snow weekend in Tahoe last year.
Hope you are all keeping warm and toasty. I'm off to finish a few paintings.