It's time for the July Meetup!

Coney Island Bathers, 1899 via Thiophene Guy

 Hi Everybody,

Wow, June flew by. It's time to get cracking if I want to have my shop ready for the holidays. (Yep, getting ready for Christmas in July).

June was pretty good. I went on a mini vacation with friends to wine country. I have a bunch of new work started but I need to get it finished and up. And of course there is the book...

So for's what gonna happen with bluehour studio.

  1. Book is due in two months. That means that it finished and ready for the printer by the end of August. I really need to get back to this. 
  2. Work on my Writer's Project. I'm working on a bunch of new portraits such as Virginia Woolf, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Dorothy Parker, and Charles Dickens. Do any of you have a favorite writer you'd like to see me illustrated?
  3. Working on a project for Paperchase. More about this later...
  4. Blog post with illustration for "The Declaration of You!" book blog tour. This one is on the topic of "Success". 
  5. Start working at New Bohemia Signs one day a week. Alas...I have fallen behind on all my picture taking duties. BTW, I got to see the Sign Painters Documentary this week and it was amazing (my husband was in it too), it was wonderful to catch up will so many sign artists and so fun to hang out with the directors. I highly recommend checking it out.
  6. Get back to exercising...and get out of the house for walks everyday.
  7. Apply to fall art fairs.
  8. Apply to galleries.
  9. Research how to get my work in magazine and blogs. And do it..
  10. Have a little summer fun...because as we know it will be gone too fast. 
  11. Get more involved SFEtsy and the Makeshift Society.
  12. Another big goal for the summer is to add/subtract stuff from my Etsy Shop. I would love to have over 100 different items...better get to it!
That should be pretty full for this month. I'm so excited for all the new projects. Is there anything you are excited about doing this summer?

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