places to place my plants...

One of my favorite places to visit in my hood is the lovely and bizarre Paxton Gate. It is filled with taxidermy, animal sculls, strange and wonderful artwork and many, many plants. I started my little collection of Succulant plants there and every time I go I want to pick up a few more. I suppose there could be worse addictions...

One of the things I wish I had space for was a Wardian Case (a fancy version of the terranium). (Paxton Gate has some lovely ones BTW.) They are so lovely and Victorian. Just a bit of glass and decorative metal and you have an amazing little house for all of your little plants.

This is Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward he was the inventor of the Wardian Case. More info about him here. He seemed like a very "interesting" guy. Perhaps not the most fun person at a party...

Here are a few lovely Wardian Cases that I found in my search.

 A classic drawing from

Steampunk version via popgive.

Modern Wardian Case via Eastlake Victorian

Over the top version via  
Check out the faces on the legs of this thing..."They're all gonna laugh at you."
Love the creepiness.

Another super crazy one via here. Could you imagine what the
house looks like to which this belongs?

If you can wait till you can find room for a giant Wardian Case, may I suggest a little DIY, this pretty and simple terrarium via

 Just a little pretty way to start my day. Hope you like them...and maybe you'll be inspired to get your hands a little dirty.

Here is a lesson on terrarium making from Apartment Therapy.