Art Hero: Constant Puyo

Although, I've only discovered his work recently, I am in love with his photography. Émile Joachim Constant Puyo (1857 –1933)is a true inspiration to me . His work is so soft and feminine... so dreamlike and quiet. It's as if the women he photographs are themselves ghosts...

 Apparitions 1910
Im Schilf 1903
La Tapisserie 1900
Au Jardin Fleuri 1899
Nude - Against the Light 1906
Juin, 1899
Alma Mater, 1904
Sommeil 1897
Nymph, 1904

Chant Sacre c. 1900

His photographs are so incredible, don't you think? Puyo uses textures and graininess in his work to really help develop that certain eerie feeling that I love. He truly is someone to study in his use of light and shadows. What an inspiration! I going to get painting now.

Is anything awakening your inner muse today?