To do & still do...what if?

via Smithsonian

Via Madebysean

What never showed anyone your never made any money selling never felt you were good enough. Would you feel wrong if you suddenly stopped working? Probably...maybe...Perhaps we artists and creatives are strange in that way. I think it is an automatic feeling when you see something beautiful you want to capture it some way. You could paint it, draw it, write about or photograph it, it doesn't really matter.

I truly feel a sense of loss when I have nothing to record something I connect with. Even many years later,  I still have memories of shots not taken or film not developing right.  There is such a sense loss there. And the more your artsy self grows the harder it gets to give it up.

So I ask you, would you still create if no one cared?

I is the sort addiction that I am Ok with. But what about you?

What creative part of your life could you not live without? And are you willing to go even deeper into the depths of your creativity even if you are embarrassed of the outcome? I say go for it! Be willing to make an ass out of your self. Take a chance and I bet someone will care about what you do.