The Indie Mart

It has been one week since I officially started going down the freelance road. I will admit it has been kind of difficult trying to get my schedule in order and know what is coming next. I have so much to do but I have to remind myself it will get done. (Geez, it has only been a week, what was I expecting?)

So...As a bit of escape from my crazy brain and inspiration push, I went to the third annual Indie Mart in San Francisco on Sunday. Here are some of the pics:

Postcard illustrated by pretty little thieves one of my new illustration heroes.

I'm  a bit of a sucker for big blue eyes.

 The cutest of handmade dolls.

 My hubby in the thickest glasses ever made.


Adopt a kitty...if only I could, mister.

Amazing jewelry everywhere...this is one of my faves.

this piggy went to the market

I only wish I had a bit more time to get to know all the artists and get their info. (Sorry) but thank you all for the inspiration.