New Work...Meet the Twins!

Here's my latest illustration! Isabella and Irene are part of my Victorian Orphan series, "The Foundlings".

They were definitely an example of a illustration that kind of quickly drew itself. Do anyone else have illustrations that seem to become alive on the page?  The girls have such strong yet haunting personalities. It may seem pretty subtle, but a tiny curve in their months makes all the difference.

They can be found in my Etsy shop right here! 

New Illustrations...

It's been pretty busy around here. Do you believe it's October 8th? Crazy. I am happy to report, I have a bunch of new projects. Woo Hoo! I'm feeling pretty blessed to be so busy these days...A little freaked out, but blessed. So, I must apologize  the lack of blogging. I just wish there were more hours in the day...I should be back to normal soon.

Here's a bit of a update...One of my new projects is working on a book. I'm pretty excited about collaborating with someone and designing a book together from scratch. I'll post more on it as it progresses...

In the meantime, here are a few brand spanking new illustrations...

First a couple new "Ladies & Gents" pieces...

Meet Mary Elizabeth. Age 33, Eldest daughter of the Manor House.

Still waiting for Mr. Right...but has she waited too long?

Then there's Dr. Orville, a scientist that is a bit mad. He may be experimenting a bit too much on himself...

 I also did a few new pieces for my series, "The Foundlings".

Meet Anne, age 14, a sweet young girl hoping that someone will help her learn to really read. She prays that a family will help her get an education before it gets too late and she ends up in a working in a factory.

And Clara, age 11,  a not so sweet girl...  She is so cute, how did she get so evil? It's just something about her eyes? What has she seen that made her go so bad?

I'm thinking Clara will be my Halloween mascot. She's one spooky kid.

Of course all of these prints are available in the shop!

Hope you are all doing well! And you enjoying the nice crisp fall days.

New Work...

I just wanted to share my latest illustrations with you.

Here's Seth. The original Victorian Goth. He loves spending his days alone in his room reading the darkest of  novels. He is looking for a special woman who will indulge in all his strange dark fantasies.

 Here's a couple of new kids from my series, The Foundlings...

Meet Daniel.  Daniel lives in the shadows with all the other dark things. He has survived through the kindness of strangers and those who look away. His secret wishes is that someone will find him and love him despite his wild ways.

Meet Polly.  She is so very, very quiet. And she radiates love, so much you will not find her without her constant feline companion, Charles. He is the only thing that has stuck by her side her whole young life after Polly was abandoned by her family at age 2.

And as always, you can find these guys in the shop! I hope you like them...

Now I am off to the store get more illustration board. I'll be bring you lot's more new stuff soon.

New Art Series...The Foundlings

I'm happy to announce a new illustration series that I'm working on. It called, "The Foundlings". Of course, you know I have been a bit obsessed with the Victorian era, well, I wanted to explore something new. This time I'll be doing portraits of orphaned children. I remember seeing the movie "Orphan Train" on TV
 as a little kid and it has always stuck with me.  Anyone else see that movie?

I love the dark stories that can come out of these kids too. I love creating little histories. It is so much fun. So much sadness and so much hope. Here are the first of "The Foundlings", portraits. I hope you like them.

I created Hattie a few months ago..she is sweet but very, very lonely.

 And now I'd like to introduce, Martin. He is 7 and a bit of a hellion. He has a mean streak and will do just about anything for attention.

And this is little Gertie. She is 3 and looking for anyone to love her. She carries around a dirty little rag doll, the last thing she ever got from her family.

I'll still working out the stories but am having fun creating all the new characters. I am going to include some illustrations of Victorian toys and other kid related drawings.

Here is a little history of the Foundling Hospital and Orphan Trains in New York City.

And of course, these new portraits are available in the shop.