Happy November! It's Meetup Time!

Saugatuck Summer Art School, 1948 for Life Magazine via Back to the Five and Dime
 Ahhh...November! As a small business owner it is the month where you really need to step up your game.  I think it is a month of opportunities to kick a bit of ass. And I am gonna put on my most ass kickingest boots and see how far I can go.

This month my husband and I were supposed to go to Ireland for a conference he was teaching, but due to things beyond our control, it is not happening. I will admit, I am a pretty bummed, now I have almost 2 weeks unplanned time to plan. So here's what's up for November:

  1. Work on more Writer's Portraits! I Portrait a week.
  2. Tiny Show Opening!(Opens today!) I have 4 paintings in the show!
  3. SFEtsy Art Fair at Ruth's Table in the Mission November 17th .
  4. Bee Unique Holiday Boutique. This is something new my friend is starting.
  5. Painting for Southern Exposure
  6. Painting for Uppercase Magazine, open call for "notion"
  7. Rework Book Cover.
  8. Work on getting more Custom Portraits!
  9. Contact Magazine and Blogs about my work. I really, really need to get over this fear...
  10. Keep inventory up for new art fairs! (Order new supplies)
  11. Drop Portrait necklaces off at Molte Cose. (Yay, a new store for my Pendants)
  12. Get together with Book Author to make the final adjustments and changes...and get this thing done!
  13. Start my Christmas Cards!
  14. Get back to posting more on the blog.
  15. Diversify shop! Thinking of opening a Zibbet shop and a Big Cartel shop. Maybe get more eyes on my more!
Ok, well I think that might be enough for this month! I suppose it will also include me starting to get ready
for the holidays myself. Yikes...I'm tired all ready!

Do you have crazy big plans for November? Anything that you are feeling too scared to do? Please feel free to share!

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