It's Meetup Time...Happy September!

Joy of a Fallen Leaf by Arthur Rackham, 1906 via Plum Leaves
 I just love September! There is just something about the crispness in the air that brings me back to hard work and learning new things. Last month was ok. I got a few things done but clearly not enough. As a small business owner, September forces you to kick yourself in the butt and get all those ideas that have been floating in your head all summer to become reality.

Saying all that, here's what I have planned for the month:

  1. I've got a few custom portraits in the works, create a system to get multiple projects going at once. 
  2. Create a final cover and back cover for my book.
  3. Work on couple Halloween projects...yay for spookiness!
  4. Add a few new pieces to my Foundlings Series.
  5. Create a few new Writers Portraits, I've working on Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde right now!
  6. Update my portfolio with book pieces.
  7. Contact a few blogs/websites about my work.
  8. Apply to City Arts Gallery
  9. Research Holiday Fairs...Apply!
  10. Finish book!
  11. Learn the ins and outs of self-publishing.
Ok, now breathe! Are you excited about September? What projects are you most excited about?

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