Dreaming of New Steps...

I'm having one of those days when everything seems a bit off. You know the ones, when you can't justify spending money you don't have and feel guilty about it. Guilty you aren't doing better financially and the anger and self loathing that goes along with that.

Truth is I'm fine. My husband has been pretty much a saint in helping support me over the last year or so. But I know now something has to change. I love doing what I'm doing but I need to be surrounded by more people. So I am giving this thought to the Universe...I need a part time job.

Something that will move me forward and teach me something.  A job to get me out of my rut and something creative. I know it is a lot to ask but do you guys think finding something like this is still possible in "this economy?"

Can we still dream about finding the perfect job, that would make our dream job balance itself out?

Do you guys believe in visualization? Maybe if I can imagine this perfect place for myself I can figure out what direction I should go in. Then commit to the changes and work I need to do and make this thing happen.

Note: The above video by Laura Marling, "Devil's Resting Place" is just the type of songs that gets me in that dark serious type of mood. Something that connects me to little bit closer to my true self. Do you have that connection to music? 

Isn't perfect music to set energy of early fall...I do love this season. Don't you? 

Oh...and p.s. If any of you lovely readers know of something out there, please...please...fill me in. Thanks!