It's Meetup Time! Here's to June!

Here's a Sneak Peek of my book!
Wow, May went by so fast! My head is still spinning... But I am heading towards a fabulous summer. May was a pretty good month as far as getting stuff done. I wish that a got a bit more done but my energy is up and I am ready for good things ahead! The illustration portion of my book project is 95% done, will the perfectionist in me always going back for more. I've been busy figuring out the typography and all the layout options.

Here's what I will be up to in June:
  1. Design book cover, front and back.
  2. Design title page with spot illustration.
  3. Finish up custom portrait, ( my goals is to  get 2 custom portraits a month)
  4. Write guest blog post/blog tour for Michelle Ward & Jessica Swift (The Declaration of You!)
  5. Learn about art licensing options.
  6. Start working on freelance projects.
  7. Create new art to my writers portraits series.
  8. Get outta town (aka don't forget it's summer).
  9. Get back to a better blogging schedule (currently reading, Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho)
  10. Rework portfolio site. Add more editorial work!
  11. Work on editorial projects.
  12. Exercise, I just gotta...
  13. Rework my Etsy Mission Meetup.
  14. Join in more Makeshift Society and  SFetsy Events
  15. Research Summer/Fall Art Fairs. Do any of you have favorites you like to go to or participate in?
So that's my month. I hope you all have a amazing and productive month!

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