Happy May & It's Meetup Time!

Vintage Maypole Dance!
April a pretty terrible month. I didn't get as much as I wanted done and was kind of stuck in a bit of a funk for a couple of weeks. But now it is time I get back to action because there is a lot to be done.

So here's my business plans for May:
  1. First of all, my first priority is the book. The illustrations are almost done and then I will be going on to the layout stage. 
  2. For the book, choose type and create hand painted letters for certain pages.
  3. Create a Step by Step for blog.
  4. Work with author on back pages and title pages.
  5. Work on new pieces for the shop. I'm hoping for one new piece a week.
  6. Start my SFEtsy Mission Meetup group.
  7. Get photography done for New Bohemia Signs.
  8. Research and apply to upcoming craft/fairs, anyone know of some good ones.
  9. Mini weekend trips! Time for some camping! 
  10. Keep up with daily walks and exercise.
  11. Start some collaborations with other artists.
  12. Rework blog.
  13. Rework portfolio website.
  14. Work on my "about" page on my Etsy page. (Get some good photos taken of myself and rewrite bio)
  15. Get more involved with the Makeshift Society.
One of the big things I learned over this depressing month is I tend to spend too much time inside the house. I think isolation is one of the hardest parts of being a freelance artist. There is so much to do and I tend to feel guilty taking a hour going for a walk. But you know, I have to do it. I am my happiest/healthiest when I am involved with other people and projects. Anyone else feel this way?

Here's to May being a super productive month with some relaxation and fun thrown in!

What are your plans for May!

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