Time for the Meetup! April's Goals!

Back Garden Cabaret, Poplar, June 28, 1935 via Steroge Will Do

Hi All! I don't believe that it is April already. March really flew by. But it was a pretty good one. As far as my March goals went, I continued to work on the book. I painted another custom portrait and I got my artwork in my first shop.

All in all March was good to me. The housing situation is a bit on hold. My husband and I decided to try to buy our place. Buying a house is a pretty scary situation anywhere, but seems even crazier in the intensely over-priced housing market that is San Francisco. Fingers crossed that we get this place...and I can relax once again and feel stable.

Here's what I have planned to April:

  1. Continue working on the book. The illustrations are almost finished but I need to perfect them and make sure they all work together.
  2. Scan illustrations and layout the book, add text.
  3. Create at least one custom portrait a month.
  4. Research upcoming art fairs and apply.
  5. Start preparing more inventory for fairs.
  6. Work on ideas for SFEtsy community. 
  7. Add new work to shop. 
  8. Continue learning better time management skills. (I've been working with the Pomodora App.)
  9. Rework portfolio website (this has sadly been neglected for too long).
  10. Get a exercise program working (even if it just 10 minutes a day)
  11. Get back on a blogging schedule. Post at least 2x a week.
  12. Get more active in the Makeshift Society
  13. Take a screen printing class. 
  14. Keep adding new work to my shop.
  15. Get ready to submit work to magazines and blogs.
  16. Start planning mini vacations and camping trips.
Well that looks like April is pretty damn full. I will be concentrating on the book most of the month, but hopefully I will be able to do most of this work.

What are you up to this month?

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