Thank you Amanda Palmer!

This made me cry! I've been hearing great things about Amanda Palmer's TED Talk this week and had to share it. I love her passion and creativity and her rebellious spirit. (Oh, and her music is damn amazing too!)

As an artist, I am always afraid, maybe embarrassed to ask from help or money. Maybe deep down I don't think that I am worth it...I don't know. There is so much still deep inside me about the starving artist mentality, it gets pretty stupid after a while.

Amanda makes a wonderful point about art and community. Giving yourself to that community and trusting it. They will give back. They will help. You just need to be strong enough to ask.

Life Questions: Have you surrounded your self with a creative community? What can you do to make it stronger? Do you jump in deeper or coast by on top of it? Would you trust your community to support you?

Well, I don't have all the answers to those question yet myself but I do know this, I'm working on it. How about you?

One last thing...I think when you are living a trust the universe and your community way, the magic starts happening. Do you agree?