My First Art Fair!

Meet Carl & Hazel

 It's going to be a crazy week this week. First of all, my husband is having a gallery show at Subliminal Projects down in L.A. I'm so excited to go. And from what I've seen the show should be amazing! So many amazing hand painted signs!

I haven't spent much time in L.a. but I'm always up for an adventure. I'm also kinda excited about meeting Shephard Fairey (he owns the gallery). He is a art hero of mine. Damon and I saw his gallery show at the ICA in Boston a few years ago and I was really impressed.

I'm also have my first art fair next weekend. The Vagabond Indie Craft Fair at Urban Bazaar in the Sunset. I've been working hard getting this thing together. I have a few new pieces done, prints ready to go and a bunch of pendants. I'll be there on Sunday, December 9th! Stop by and say hello!