On Making Changes...

Quote by Neale Donald Walsch, Design by piscolophoto
 Have you ever been stuck directly between two different career worlds? I've been going through this strange thing with my illustration in the last few months. I have really enjoyed opening my etsy shop and have learned so much, but I'm feeling I want something more. Things are just not right. (One just doesn't live life on Etsy alone...)

In truth, I am a very social person. I love working with people. All my jobs in the past were working with the public. My last job working at the Asian Art Museum was good for the fact I was surrounded by lovely people all day. I had plenty of people to interact with. My work place was filled with art and there was inspiration around ever corner. But the job itself was pretty terrible for me. I sold tickets and memberships for way too many years (7.5 years). It was pretty soul sucking...And I didn't grow. I didn't learn anything. I just grew older.

As you may know,  I quit a couple of years ago to fulfill my dreams of being an illustrator. And I have been working hard trying to get myself out there. And slowly it is happening.  I know that in reality, it takes a few years for things to really get going when you start a new business. But I wonder, when is it time to look around and see, you know you must go in a different direction to survive.

I've been talking about this change for a while here on the blog. I've always dreamed of doing editorial work, illustrating books and magazines. I dreamt of making some type of difference in the world with my artwork, and I've dreamt of working and meeting new creative types too. But dreams aside, I have been so petrified to really go to the next new step. I have to wonder, it is easier to keep doing what I'm doing and hoping the right person will discover me and miraculously all will work out well...(because you know, that happens all the time) or try something entirely new.

So what do you do when you are truly stuck in the middle? Do you stop what you are doing to focus on something else? Do you keep plugging away at what your doing and pray for extra hours in your day? Or do you just jump and reach for the new thing?

 Here's to dipping my toe into something new and seeing what happens next!

My question to you...What are you most afraid of trying?

Now, time for some deep thinking time.