Time for the April Meetup....

Frida Kahlo doing what she did best...via 3wings

     Wow, April is already here...Crazy. Well, March was pretty interesting. Here's a recap.
  1. I finished a four more paintings done for the Ladies & Gents series. Yay!
  2. I finish one of my custom portraits (still working out the 2nd)
  3. Attended my first SFEtsy Meetup. This was wonderful and inspiring...
  4. Applied to the SFEtsy gallery show in May and GOT IN!
  5. Had my shop on Papernstitch in March, (got about 60 views from it, no sales). This was my first shot at advertising, I think it went Ok...of course a few sales would have been nice. A Question, has anyone done one of these online galleries that worked really well for you? What were they?
  6. Started working on my lockets and have a ready had a  lot of interest in them. I've been wearing my prototype and a so excited about the interest so far. I'm already getting orders...woo hoo!
So that what April bring? Here's my business plans for the next 30 days. All I can say is it is gonna be an very busy month...

  1. Get ready for the art show. I am going to create 2 original Victorian portrait for the show and will have a spot to sell my prints. 
  2. Create at least 20 Victorian Portrait necklaces. Make them available on my Etsy shop and at the gallery show. 
  3. Get prints gallery ready...owner wants them resized and matted for super easy framing...
  4. Order & redesign more business cards.
  5. Create bio cards for prints.
  6. Finish custom portrait for Amber.
  7. Rework Etsy shop.
  8. Work on an illustration of my friends band, The Kingdom of Not.
  9. Breath...
  10.  Work on some editorial illustrations for my portfolio.
  11. Get on a better blogging schedule...
  12. Continue working on getting my work out there.
  13. Design postcards to send to magazines.
  14. Start working on a press kit. (This really scares me.)
  15. March was pretty stressful for me and I admit to being pretty anti-social online. I really need to work on this...
You can say I had a bit of an eye opener this weekend. I went to a open studio with my friend Kerry this weekend and man, it was great. Of course I have gone to lots of gallery shows in the past but I think this is the first time I felt that I was ready for the gallery scene. As an illustrator, there is always this weird bullsh*t, stuff about illustrators vs fine artists. Mainly, that illustrators aren't "real" artists. Well ...I'm getting over it. It really starts to open up the possibilities when you start seeing yourself in a gallery setting as well as an illustration world. A very ah-ha moment for me!

Any of you have any "ah-ha" moments lately?

I hope you all have wonderful productive month.

 What is the Meetup thing, you ask? It is a group of creatives that encourage each other each month to make and complete their goals. Join us...it is an amazing to watch the progress of others and yourself...
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