Illustration Friday - Separated

There are some words on Illustration Friday that bring an instant image to my mind. This was one of them. The word challenge, "Separation",  instantly made me think of the recent local news story of conjoined twin girls who had an operation to be separated.

Separated by bluehour studio

The story is pretty scary story one. If you happen to give birth to conjoined twins, you basically have two choices. One, you take the big risk of deciding to separate the girls and hope they both survive. Or two, you keep them together and hope they don't have too difficult a life together. This family decided to go forward with the operation and hope for the best.

Luckily, this story happens to have a happy ending, and both girls, Angelica and Angelina, are doing great.  I wonder if they are happy now or they miss being

Hope you like it!