So close...

Looking over the edge of a cliff at Sea Ranch

 Man, I don't believe that August is almost here. I've gotten a lot of work but I still keep falling a bit short before it is finished. I've made 10 more drawings for the "Ladies & Gents" series and very close to finishing what I need to do. This morning I woke up with a stiff neck and shoulder. I figured I must have slept weird or pulled something last night but can't figure it out. But alas, I'm not feeling like working. I'm giving myself the excuse of being hurt to not work.

What the hell? Why do I give myself such excuses? This procrastination/fear thing is really ridiculous! I'll be so happy to be finished and go on to the next thing. Why would I stop? I swear my body is in cahoots with my mind in the fear of success battle. It is pretty funny what ailments I seem to get whenever I am on the precipice of finishing something.

Does anyone else have this problem with finishing things? What do you do?

Ok,It is time to take some more ibuprofen and some more neck stretches and get to work...I'll show you all my new work in a few days.