a little about me:

I've been doing my art for as long as I can remember. It is just part of me. I've grown, it's grown. I feel like my artwork seems to deal with the dark and light sides of life. Each side yearning for knowledge of the other.

On the light side, I am on a search for the truth. I am working with non-profits to help people help themselves. I love this because I feel that I am always learning and gathering knowledge about the way the world works. By doing this, I become a part of something bigger than myself. With my artwork I hope I can create some sort of connection to give hope to others. In turn, this gives me hope and allows me to live in this world.

And then there is the dark side...I'm a bit of a goth and a bit of a bohemian, I love the expressionists and the dark side of history. I think this is where the best stories come from. The hero fighting the darkest regions of the world and the mind to find themselves and a deeper truth. I think it's all in the eyes. Perhaps I'm a bit of actor when it comes to creating each character. I love digging deep into the heart of things. Through darkness we can find the light.

I hope you like what you see.

Debbie Williams
bluehour studio