With Love

A Soul Kiss c.1909 Via The Library of Congress

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! I hope you all have a day of many kisses and much love. If you haven't found that special someone, may they appear to you in a dream tonight.

I'm cooking up something special for my honey tonight and am ready for a lovely quiet night at home together. Do you prefer to do something super fancy for Valentine's Day or keep it simple?

Making love happen...

Happy Couple? Via The George Eastman House
These Lovelies are here via Lisby. 
BTW, Don't you think this is guy is the spitting image of actor, John Hawkes?

This couple via the George Eastman House

Just a little update...I am working on the little dating cards that will come with each "Ladies & sGents" portraits today. It is really fun to figure out what each character is looking for in their future love. As an inspiration...check out more of these wonderful husband and wife photo's from the lovely "How to Be a Retronaut" blog.. Some of these couples look made for each other, these others...not so much.

On a side note, this is really fun to make these profiles...my husband and I met online. I do believe love can be found in alternative ways...

A Wonderful Weekend...

It was beautiful soul invigorating weekend and I am ready to get back to work. Looking forward to celebrating my amazingly wonderful husbands 40th birthday today.  Happiness all around.