Art Hero - Alfonse Van Besten

I love Autochromes! They were the first colored photography invented by the Lumiere Brothers. One of my favorite photographers is the Belgian artist Alfonse Van Besten (1865-1926). His work is just fantastic. His colors have been a huge inspiration for my illustration lately. I love how the colors are muted and a bit dark. I find them almost anti-pastel...I think they are incredibly beautiful. Don't you?

 Here are a few of my favorites:

Red and Green Wigs, 1912
Modesty, 1912

Purity, 1913
Van Besten Painting in his Garden, 1909
Young Girl Amidst Marguerites, 1913
Two Girls Picking Cornflowers, 1912
Musing, 1910

Japonisme, 1913

Veiled Lady in Abbey Ruins, c. 1910
Groupe Antique Composition, 1912

 Strangely enough, there is not much information about Alfonse online. But you can find a little bit more about him and his contemporaries at the wonderful site Belgian Autochromists. There is also so really interesting Autochrome information here.

Maybe Instagram will come up with a Autochrome filter, one can dream...