Super Creepy & Wonderful Vintage Halloween Masks Ahead.

Halloween is just around the corner. I can't wait! I better get working on my mask. I'm not sure what I'll be. It is an under water theme amongst my friends this year. (They do an haunted house in SF.) I better get thinking...

What do I like in a mask? The creepier the better... no pretty things for me.
I think the best masks are handmade, a little off  and usually pretty old. 

Here's to the lovely, vintage and weird...

Spooky Edwardian 1910 via national geographic

Creepy Skeleton mask from 1938 via Boston Public Library

Dog Masks via Graves and Gouls

The Lovely vintage witches via Always Halloween
too cute to not include...Vintage kitty costume via Maudelynn
A little music with your spooks... via My Heart is a terrorist
Creepy Halloween group of musicians from 1920's via here
The baby scares me more than the mouse.... via My Little Time Machine
When costumes weren't so obvious from 1905 via
Little ghost...via national geographic archives

Sisters/masked cowboys from 1950's via Shorpy
What has been your favorite Halloween costume? I've been going with a semi-victorian theme the last few years, but this year, I wanna do something new.

I hope you got some inspiration from my old masks and costumes. What will you be this year?

Creepy Vintage Halloween Masks are here!

It is that time of year again. The time to look back at all the scary covered faces of yesteryear. I love these things. The more handmade the better. There is just something so right about all the awkwardness of these costumes. They feel real. They feel genuine. They feel good.

I did include some pretty ones too. I always attempt a really pretty mask/costume every year but they seem to end up being more of a wabi sabi finish. But that is OK right? It is just Halloween. So get out there, make what you can and have tons of fun.

Little wicked Witch via tissueclouds

Clara Bow and a scary clown mask via Carbonated
Love the laughing girl via
Ok so this not a vintage one but isn't this Owl mask from Martha Stewart perfect?
Love this Bird make via Costumerism
Creepy kids via Shorpy

Which animal is this? via thanatosdotnet
Black or white circa 1911 via shorpy
Amazing Victorian Mask/Hat via VintageGal
Classic Skeleton...done extra creepy style...via Carbonated
What will you be this year?

Favorite Places & Spaces...

I walked around my neighborhood today and visited one of my favorite stores...Gypsy Honeymoon.

I want to own everything inside...


Madonna & the Metals

Faces hidden in the case

Fabulous frames

Vintage Shampoo Ad

Two girls and some stamped metal

Antique polka-dots dress

Fabrique a'la Gare

Beautiful carved head
Couldn't you just live in this store?

Scary Vintage Halloween Masks Ahead.

As you would have guessed Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays. I love spooking myself out. It is so fun. This year is will no different. Only 3 weeks time my annual Halloween getaway! I better start getting ready and working on my costume. I'm planning on making my own fox mask out of papier mache and felt. Hopefully I'll get it done in time for the big night.

Speaking of masks, I've been working on some Halloween masks for Glob paints the last few days and have been looking for some inspiration. There is so much fun stuff out there. Here is some of my favorite finds:

Who knew Victorians were so funny? This photo via here

spooky stuff happening over at Country Living Magazine
Amazing masks from Martha Stewart more here.

D.I.Y. , I presume...via costumerism
If your in a sexy Halloween mood check out this D.I.Y. from craftzine.

No time for DIY? These Edwardian Paper Masks are super creepy. 

love this one from opiummuseum's flicker set. The best vintage Halloween photo sets I've seen.

Hope you enjoyed my little Halloween mask adventure.  Hope you are all getting busy making yours, I better get busy with mine. 

Update: Want to see more? Here is a link to a recent post where I added even more creepy masks. Enjoy!