Mini Art Show & New Illustrated Victorian Watercolor Portraits

If you've been wondering what I've been so busy doing lately, well, I am happy to say that I have been creating on a whole lot of new art. Starting tomorrow, I have a bunch of lovely new illustrated watercolor paintings up at the Mysterious Rack (12 Clement Street) in San Francisco.

Here's a peek:

Morris, a interior designer

Miss Ester (in progress)

Miss Stella in progress

Little Elijah, a foundling looking for someone to take him in.

Madame Josephine and the Lovers, a tarot reader waiting for her cards to change

Maxwell, a tough "business" man

Miss Allie and her kitty, hoping for the best of outcomes and families

Miss Ester Framed, hoping that she might too, find someone to love her.

Miss Hazel, widow, wishing for another chance at love.

Miss Leonora, Victorian fangirl, loves a good Gothic tale.

Say hello to Miss Stella, a sweet country girl new to the big city.

Simon (in progress), a Entomologist, looking for love beyond all that creepy and crawly.
There will be a opening for them at the Mysterious Rack (12 Clement Street, San Francisco) on Thursday April 17th, 6-8pm. Stop by and say hello!

The show will be up through May! I hope you like it!

New Work! New Ladies & Gents Victorian Portraits!

I just finished a couple of new Victorian Portraits! Having so much fun adding new work to my shop. These two were really fun to create. I have been enjoying creating new worlds and stories for each of my characters.

Howdy Sailor...

Say hello to Patrick! He is a sweet guy that is tired of spending his life upon the waves of the high seas. He left his ship behind after years of loneliness and hoping he might find his perfect lady to discover a happy life and new world on land.

This is Eva with her cutie pie daughter, Elsie. She faces a life on her own, after her husband left her suddenly and has never returned. She wants to challenge her fate and start a search to meet a wonderful gent and to maybe add some love and happiness to her life.

These two are both looking for love and are part of my series, The Ladies and Gents Victorian Dating
 Service. They are both available in the shop, here and here.

Make a Victorian Love Match!

Would Miss Eleanor & Ambrose make a good pair?

How about Miss Charlotte & Benedict?

or perhaps Mordecai & Miss Lydia?
When I first started creating all my Victorian Portraits my main goal was to start a romantic dating site. The "Ladies & Gents Victorian Dating Service", is a place where my lovely characters with meet each other and hopefully fall in love. So, in honor of Valentines Day,  I have a created a new fun listing. You get to play matchmaker!

Here's how it works: Simply Pick any two of the Ladies & Gents Victorian Portraits, make a love match and I'll give you a discount.  Follow this link to my Shop Listing.

(Also, feel free to choose: Ladies & Gents, Gents & Gents or Ladies & Ladies...These Victorian   are all pretty modern minded!)

Have fun with it. I'd love to hear about who you would choose!

New Work...

I just wanted to share my latest illustrations with you.

Here's Seth. The original Victorian Goth. He loves spending his days alone in his room reading the darkest of  novels. He is looking for a special woman who will indulge in all his strange dark fantasies.

 Here's a couple of new kids from my series, The Foundlings...

Meet Daniel.  Daniel lives in the shadows with all the other dark things. He has survived through the kindness of strangers and those who look away. His secret wishes is that someone will find him and love him despite his wild ways.

Meet Polly.  She is so very, very quiet. And she radiates love, so much you will not find her without her constant feline companion, Charles. He is the only thing that has stuck by her side her whole young life after Polly was abandoned by her family at age 2.

And as always, you can find these guys in the shop! I hope you like them...

Now I am off to the store get more illustration board. I'll be bring you lot's more new stuff soon.

Introducing...New Victorian Portraits

I'm hoping you are all having a wonderful week. I have been very busy creating a bunch of new artwork. Here is the latest in my Ladies & Gents series...

So, without further ado, I'd like you to meet:

Garrett, age 32, map maker

Miss Eleanor, age 37, ghost story writer

Benedict, age 26,  footman

M. Lily, age 26, widow, laundry maid
I hope you like them. I have a few more to do in the series but I'm getting ready to write more in depth stories about each character. It is so fun. Honestly, I'm pretty proud of myself with this project. I haven't created so much artwork in years. There is so much truth in the fact that the more you do, the more want to do.

All prints are 7 x 10 and are available in the shop.