Letting my heart grow.

Love the gleam in her eye...this via Ch. Chusseau-Flavins

Today is a good day. I just sent of a drawing for ScoutieGirl's new publishing adventure and I'm so psyched because Tara loved it. I'm so relieved. Doesn't it feel great when your artistic life feels like it is actually coming together. It has been 5 months and I am getting out there and I have to admit it feels really good.

I think with any big jump in life there is huge risks and you have to face them. I've been working on the fears that have been holding me back . But it is really hard. Nothing is instant and I think I am learning to see my steady growth. It is all about the learning. And I think it is also about self love and forgiveness.

I'm still expecting so much from myself. And am working on combating the dreaded procrastination but baby steps right? So what am I hoping for in the next 6 months?
  1. I will be making enough money that I will stop clearing out my savings.
  2. I will get myself out there. I want to be published in a new place each month.
  3. Start getting myself published in the offline world.
  4. Strengthen my sense of self.
  5. Strengthen the body and the mind.
  6. Take classes ( I want to always be learning).
  7. Finding better balance between work and family and friends.
  8. Find my voice and let it shout!
Maybe this won't be accomplished in the next 6 months, but I want it to be started at least... I am looking to create the ideal me. I want live my soul purpose. I feel that my artwork will push me in that direction. I always wanted to help people and I think I could do that with my artwork. How? I think good art and design makes people stop and notice things. It is the connector. It could connect people to causes. It could connect people to learning. It could connect people to others. I think that is really important. Don't you?

Do you think you've found your soul purpose? Are you working on your dreams? What steps are you taking?

Wanna share?