The Pre-Vinylette Society Art Show


I am so excited to be part of the upcoming art show dedicated to women in sign painting, "The Pre-Vinylette Society" at the Chicago Art Department opening on September 8th.

As someone who is married to a sign painter, (Damon Styer of New Bohemia Signs) I have been watching in awe as he creates such beautiful signs and lettering. Everything created in our shop is hand painted, and I jumped at the chance to be part of it all. Although, my job doesn't include much painting myself, (I am the assistant manager for the shop). I try to do as many little projects as I can.

With a few butterflies in my stomach, I decided to challenge myself and do a sign for the show.

Here's how it went...

Here's the initial sketch for the painting.

The optimists optometrist Sketch.jpg

I made a few changes, fought with my brushes a bit, and go plenty of advice (and a little help) from my husband but finally came up with something I was proud of.

As someone that has been painting most of my life, the biggest challenge of sign painting is getting used to the tools of the trade. We use 1-Shot enamel paints for 99% of all we do, and i must say it is very different from my usual watercolor paints. But I am still learning and will eventually figure out the "Muscle Memory" of using the brushes.

Optomists Optometrist painting.jpg

Debra Styer, The Optomists Optometrist, 2017

18"x24" 1-shot enamel on wood

If you happen to be in Chicago in September, stop by and see the show!

The Pre-Vinylette Society
Sept 8th – Sept 28th, 2017
Opening Reception Friday September 8th, 6-10pm
Pre-Vinylette panel discussion: Saturday September 9th, 2-4pm

Chicago Art Department – 1932 South Halsted
Gallery Hours: Saturday September 9th, 16th, 23rd, 12-5pm or by appointment

Although I won't be able to make it to the show myself, I honored to have my work shown among such amazing and talented women.

I also want to thank Meredith Kasabian of Best Dressed Signs and Shelby Rodeffer of Finer Signs

I would love to see the art of sign painting continue to grow. I will happily watch as more and more women get inspired to take up the brush. Here's to us all and good luck with the show!

Debbie Sign Painting in Guerenville.png

Update: Here's a super cool post on the show from Hyperallergic.