Mid-Week Music and A Work in Progress

I'm working on a bunch of new art work now and have been in a kind of dark mood lately. Don't worry though, my dark moods can be a huge source of my inspiration. So I wanted to post a little bit of music I've been listening to. I had only heard of Agnes Obel really recently, isn't her music lovely?

Oh, here is what I am currently working on...This is my work in progress for Illustration Friday.  This weeks word is "Separated".  I'll post it again when it is finished.

I better get painting....

New Work - In progress

I took the day off to get some painting done. I don't do this enough and I do love doing it deep within my soul. Right now I am working on a author series (this one is Poe) and getting back to my children's book roots with the girl in the woods. I'm thinking of putting a creature hiding out somewhere back there. I'm just having I good ol' time and waiting for the paint to dry a bit before I can work more.