Fruits and Veggies for Glob Paints

I just finished some new paintings for Glob Natural Paints. I have done some work in the past for them which was geared a bit towards the kids side of things but now they are going towards more a upscale view. My friend Ashley Phelps, who invented these paints, made them because she had become sensitive to all the toxins in the regular artist paints she was using and vowed to find a better solution...and she did.

As a painter, I highly recommend using them.  You don't have to worry about headaches or getting them on your skin like regular paints. Glob paints are made of herbs, spices and flowers and come in a powdered form to mix like watercolors or (if you use less water) acrylics. They are truly non-toxic and are made with all food-grade materials, and although I will admit they smell really nice, I love the blue, they aren't really for eating. Sorry kiddos...(I say this because you couldn't imagine how many people ask us about eating these paints.)

Here is what I came up with...

Hope you like them...they make me hungry.

GLOB Aliens

 Just a little show and tell...I was asked to do a little painting demonstration for GLOB paints at Flax art supplies last weekend. I had a little fun with creating some GLOB Aliens to show. Here is a peek...

And if you don't know about these paints, they were created in Berkeley, CA by Ashley Phelps. They are very non-toxic and made with herbs, spices, flowers and vegetables and other food grade ingredients. Which is good if your kids get them in their mouths. They come in 6 different colors (they come in cute little packets of powdered pigment)and can be watered down to a kind of watercolor paint(which I like) or use with less water as a tempura-like paint.

Warrior Alien riding her Kitty Horse.

Teenage Alien walking his Glog

Masks for Glob Natural Paints

 Here purty birdy, birdy, BIRD....

 Just a note....I've created some Edwardian Paper Masks for Glob Natural Paints. Now you can go on and make your own. It is a really fun project to do with your kids. Stop by Glob paints to take a look, get the masks and have some fun. The paints are amazing too. Just click here to get started.

There are 4 different styles right now with more to be added soon.

Update: Here they are painted...

Pretty fun aren't they?

Now... go and make your own!

Glob Natural Paints

June Meetup

Ok...Well last month I promised myself I'd  do so much with my goals. My list was long and the month just flew by. So my success was minimal. BUT...I did manage to quit my job after 7 years to pursue my art. My last day was Saturday so TODAY is my first real day as a full-time freelance illustrator. How does it feel? A bit scary but really, really good. I don't feel the need to get everything done in one day as I'm used to. I feel like now I have the time to plan things out and really consider my next steps.

As for my May list, these are the things I did, and some I am still working on.

  1. Twitter background (not yet but working on it)
  2. Header for blog ( sketches done, starting finish today)
  3. Health insurance found (I'm going with Kaiser)
  4. I did a couple of paintings (one for a baby shower)
  5. and one for my friends company Glob . I call him "Globzilla"

I'm looking forward to having much more time to concentrate and learn about my craft. I'm really excited and ready for June. Here is what I'll be working on this month:

  1. Header for Blog
  2. Background for twitter
  3. Business cards printed (I'm so close, damnit)
  4. Start work on website.  One thing I am curious about, how many pieces do people have on their sites? Is there a minimum and maximum? Did you create a bunch of new pieces? 
  5. Create a painting a week... I need to get back into Illustration Friday mode.
  6. Try to get in a deep thinking mode about what direction I want my artwork to go...
I think that is good set of goals for June...Hopefully I will do better this month.

oh yeah, I also joined a couple of business( and illustration group/class (Flourish). I'm crossing my fingers for the best results with these.

For those who don't know what this Meetup thing is, it is a group of creatives helping each other out with advice and inspiration...More info here.  Everyone is welcome to join.

Glob Paints Go Green!

My friend Ashley created these wonderful natural paints made of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables called Glob Paints.  It is really fun stuff that comes in 6 colors and can be watered down to be as thick or thin as you like.  I used the paint like regular watercolors and had the opportunity and show some paintings at the San Francisco Green Festival this weekend. It worked great. These paints are mostly geared for the little ones but I was surprised by how versatile they actually were to use. Here are a few shots of my paintings and the booth at the festival.

Truly safe paints for kids. What a great idea. I'm glad I could be a part of it even in a little way. Way to go Ashley...Good luck with these amazing paints!