New Work..The Four Elements and the Moon, Sun and Stars!

I am so excited to show you all my newest portraits! I have eight new paintings from my recent show at City Art Gallery in San Francisco!

The first series (the larger pieces) are based on the four elements…Earth, Wind, Fire and Water

The second series is and ode to the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Bonus painting: In Bloom.

All of the paintings are done in watercolor and gouache paints.

Here’s my wall at the gallery!

Here’s my wall at the gallery!

My apologies for not getting this post up earlier, May was a very busy month.

Here are the new paintings!

City Art Gallery EARTH BLOG.jpg

For Earth, I was inspired by the Renaissance and their stiff collars, and the business of bees.

Debra Styer, The Queen of the Bees, 2019

Art Print available here!

City Art Gallery FIRE BLOG.jpg

For the Fire Element, was inspired by the Victorian beauty and the ugliness and total destruction of the California wildfires.

Debra Styer, Waiting with the Ashes, 2019

Print available here in my shop.

City Art Gallery Wind BLOG.jpg

My Wind portrait was inspired by the Medieval Era and the strength of women.

Debra Styer, Leaning into the Wind, 2019

Print available here.

Floating with the Lilies Cropped.jpg

My Water portrait was inspired by the Edwardian era and focusing on the power of relaxing and letting of all the things that pull us down.

Debra Styer, Floating with the Lilies, 2019 (detail)

Print available here in my shop!

For the Sun…

For the Sun…

Debra Styer, Her Face in the Sun, 2019

City Art April 2019 MOON.jpg

Moon Love…

Debra Styer, The Moon and Mr. Fox, 2019

With a Crown of Stars…

With a Crown of Stars…

Debra Styer, With Her Head in the Stars, 2019

A salute to Dahlias and the 1930’s…

A salute to Dahlias and the 1930’s…

Debra Styer, In Bloom, 2019

I hope you like them! Prints will be available soon.

Here's to a New Year! (Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018)

Happy New Year, Everyone!

2017 was pretty interesting/fabulous/terrible year. Politically, it was a huge mess for me. I don't remember a year that seemed to wrestle with my heart strings more. I am still struggling with the decisions being made by our government. Although, I don't want to get too political, I hope 2018 will be a better year for most people and we will all reclaim our sense of fairness and justice in the world.

On a personal level, 2017 was pretty good. Of course I had a few ups and downs but in general things went well.

Here are my favorite arty things that happened in 2017:

1. My first book and largest illustration project "Happily Ever After I Do", was released in October! I am so proud to finish such a huge project. It was definitely a learning experience but I am so happy to have done it. I am looking forward to many more book projects in the future. And here's a little shout out to the amazing author Valerie Chiappone. Thank you for taking me on this book journey with you, it has been a privilege working with you.

Happily Ever After I Do .jpg

2. The Pre-Vinylette Society Art Show in Chicago. It was such a honor to part of this awesome women in sign painting show. It was even written up in one of my favorite publications, Uppercase Magazine! (If you squint you can see my painting on the wall). Read my post about the show here.

The Pre-Vinylette Society in Uppercase Magazine (Issue 36)

The Pre-Vinylette Society in Uppercase Magazine (Issue 36)

3. My French Revolution portraits for the Tiny Show at Studio Gallery in San Francisco.

4. My trip to Oslo, Norway with my husband for the Oslo Letterheads Sign Painters Meetup was amazing and it reignited my love for Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.

Some of my favorite portraits from the Edvard Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway! Aren't these amazing?

Some of my favorite portraits from the Edvard Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway! Aren't these amazing?


5. Although not technically a art moment, I did adopt two new kittens at the SF SPCA Meet SinJin Otto and Poe in December.

Yes...they are awesome and they will inspire me to be more creative, if they are too busy distracting me from painting.

Sinjin and Poe.jpg

Now that 2017 is over, it is on to 2018!

I am feeling pretty optimistic and had grown so much as an artist in the last few years, this year should be another fulfilling art year.

Here are a few of my plans for the new year:

  1. I became part of City Art Gallery in San Francisco. I will be working on a series of portraits for March show. I will be sure to post them as I make them.
  2. Get into more gallery shows.
  3. Work on getting in more publications
  4. Submit to more blogs, magazine and book publishers.
  5. Continue to work on my new Artist Portrait Series.
  6. Add more portraits to my Literary Portrait Series.
  7. Finish my Little Goth Riding Hood illustration Project.
  8. Draw more animals...
  9. Blog more...
  10. Travel to London for the next Letterheads Meet with Damon. 
  11. Delve into more historical illustration projects.
  12. Read at least one book a month.

What projects are you most excited to challenge yourself with this year? What are you most scared of?


New Work - My Victorian Portraits at the Tiny Show!

I'm so excited to be part of the upcoming Tiny Show at Studio Gallery in San Francisco. The "tiny" part of the show, is all artwork must be no larger than 7x7 including frame. So...these Victorian lovelies just made it...

Here are the paintings...

Miss Genevieve, Private School Mistress

Harold and his cat, Coal. Orphan

Miss Bernadette, assistant at her Father's Hospital
Paul, Historian and Archivist
Group shot...

I love Studio Gallery! Their are shows always so fun to do. The owners Jennifer and Rab are wonderful and so full of great advice!

November 1st - December 23rd, 2013
reception:  Sunday, November 3rd, 1-6 pm
10th Anniversary Party:  Sunday, December 3rd, 1-6 pm

Studio Gallery: 1815 Polk St (between Washington and Jackson)  San Francisco

I'll be there on Sunday, stop by and say Hello!

Scenes from a Art Opening...

Here are a few of my favorite shots from last weekends New Bohemia Signs/Jeff Canham & Steve Powers art show at the Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. It was definitely an amazing event and I was very happy such a huge crowd came out to see it. A I am glad to report that a lovely time was had by all and I feel super proud to be part of it.  Take a look...

Damon hand painting the gallery intro.

Damon & Kerry being silly.

Ain't we cute?

Jimmy the Saint, Caitlyn, Candice & Heather (AKA meeting of sign painters)

A Crowd shot...

Candice and her "Paper Moon"

Steve Powers, Damon Styer & Ken Davis

Melissa, Scott & their wee one...

Caitlyn and her signs.

Setting up the show...

(top)Help Your Self (to Alleppey Timber Lorries)
  (below)Help Your Self (to 19th c. French Colonial “Specimens Typographies”, much as they helped themselves to their colonies)
by Damon Styer

By Stephen Powers

By Stephen Powers
Pre-Vinylite Society by Josh Luke

Help Your Self (to Stephen Powers) by Damon Styer

Signs by Ken Davis
A Quart Jar of Jeff Canham

More fabulousness
A sleepy Damon...

Here is the link to the whole flickr set if you are interested...

Hope you enjoyed checking out the show.

A New Bohemia Signs Art Show at Adobe Books Backroom Gallery

I'm so excited to tell you about my husband Damon's gallery show coming up this Friday. He and his crew from New Bohemia Signs will be covering the walls at the Adobe Book gallery with their amazing art signs. It will be an amazing show in which your eyes and minds will be amazed. I can't wait...Come check it out. Here's the invite.

If you aren't familiar with New Bohemia Signs,  you just have a look around San Francisco. Their work is everywhere.  Here is just a sampling of a few of my favorite signs they have done:

Pretty amazing, huh? I'm a very proud wife and am always blown away with what the shop comes up with. I would love to see the whole city covered with these types of signs. It would definitely make the city a more beautiful place to be.