Gazing at the Stars, a New Custom Portrait Painting.

Update: Awesome small world moment...Damon and I are sitting in a cafe (still in Paris) enjoying our dinner when a couple walks in the café. I can't see the woman but I totally recognise the guy. Of course, my brain is swimming with possibilities. Is he a actor or a politician perhaps? Nope. Turns out it was a couple that I painted a few months ago. Their friend commissioned a custom painting from me. I had been staring at their faces for about a month. I went up and said hello. They totally loved their portrait and we sent a photo of all of us to their friend. Oh, and did I mention they are from Australia? So weird...

Here's my latest custom portrait illustration of a lovely couple from astrology loving Australian couple gazing upon their star signs and each other. She's a Taurus and he is a Virgo. Is that a good match?

This was my first night time portrait. It was really wonderful to play with the colors and the light.

Aren't they adorable?

Aren't they adorable?

All of my custom portraits are hand painted with watercolor and gouache paints, over a graphite drawing. All I need is a few photos from you and I can get to work!

Send me a message if you want to learn more. I will be happy to make a custom portrait just for you.

BTW, I have been working on a new series of paintings for Maeza magazine. I am busy illustrating one of my favorite short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, "Ligeia". I will post them as soon as I am finished! Here is a preview of the haunted/haunting couple:

The Writer's Portraits...Edgar Allan Poe

I just started a new illustration series of my favorite writers and literary heroes.  I love the classics of literature, especially the more gothic tales. Here is the first in the series...

Say hello to Edgar Allan Poe! This illustrated portrait is inspired by my favorite Poe story, "The Black Cat". It's one of my favorite of his gruesome tales. If you don't know the story you can read it here. It is definitely the stuff of nightmares.

Debra Styer,  Edgar Allan Poe and the Black Cat , 2013

Debra Styer, Edgar Allan Poe and the Black Cat, 2013

Samuel Masury and S. W. Hartshorn,  Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe , 1848More about this photo  here .

Samuel Masury and S. W. Hartshorn, Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe, 1848More about this photo here.

And of course, you can find my Mr. Poe art print in my shop here.

I just love his gloomy old face, don't you?

Hope you like him!