Make a Victorian Love Match!

Would Miss Eleanor & Ambrose make a good pair?

How about Miss Charlotte & Benedict?

or perhaps Mordecai & Miss Lydia?
When I first started creating all my Victorian Portraits my main goal was to start a romantic dating site. The "Ladies & Gents Victorian Dating Service", is a place where my lovely characters with meet each other and hopefully fall in love. So, in honor of Valentines Day,  I have a created a new fun listing. You get to play matchmaker!

Here's how it works: Simply Pick any two of the Ladies & Gents Victorian Portraits, make a love match and I'll give you a discount.  Follow this link to my Shop Listing.

(Also, feel free to choose: Ladies & Gents, Gents & Gents or Ladies & Ladies...These Victorian   are all pretty modern minded!)

Have fun with it. I'd love to hear about who you would choose!