Gazing at the Stars, a New Custom Portrait Painting.

Update: Awesome small world moment...Damon and I are sitting in a cafe (still in Paris) enjoying our dinner when a couple walks in the café. I can't see the woman but I totally recognise the guy. Of course, my brain is swimming with possibilities. Is he a actor or a politician perhaps? Nope. Turns out it was a couple that I painted a few months ago. Their friend commissioned a custom painting from me. I had been staring at their faces for about a month. I went up and said hello. They totally loved their portrait and we sent a photo of all of us to their friend. Oh, and did I mention they are from Australia? So weird...

Here's my latest custom portrait illustration of a lovely couple from astrology loving Australian couple gazing upon their star signs and each other. She's a Taurus and he is a Virgo. Is that a good match?

This was my first night time portrait. It was really wonderful to play with the colors and the light.

Aren't they adorable?

Aren't they adorable?

All of my custom portraits are hand painted with watercolor and gouache paints, over a graphite drawing. All I need is a few photos from you and I can get to work!

Send me a message if you want to learn more. I will be happy to make a custom portrait just for you.

BTW, I have been working on a new series of paintings for Maeza magazine. I am busy illustrating one of my favorite short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, "Ligeia". I will post them as soon as I am finished! Here is a preview of the haunted/haunting couple:

On Making Custom Portrait Illustration...Love/Make Wedding Expo

This weekend was a first. I took part of a Wedding Expo called Love/Make put on by The Bold Italic. I teamed out with a few folks from my  SFEtsy team and showed off my custom portraits for the first time to a hopefully appreciative audience.

I think it went well. The space was filled with newly engaged folks that seems to be floating around on air a bit. I talked to a bunch of them, and gave out business cards and info. Now it's time to wait. I wonder if I will get any orders from this. Who knows. Some people weren't getting married for quite some time. Everyone seemed to be in a dream world, I think the flowing wine and Champagne helped a bit too.

All in all, not a bad day, I got to hang out with friends and check out all things wedding. It's pretty amazing how much stuff is available for your special day...

Here's my spot at the wedding expo!

Custom Portrait (detail)

Forever Yours!
As for my contribution. My sample portrait was based mostly on my own lovely relationship. I used one of my own wedding photos to work on the faces and get a extra sweetness in our expressions. And I think it came out pretty cute.

Ok, a question for all of you? Would you ever get a portrait painted to celebrate your wedding or anniversary? I'm asking as a way to figure out the whole wedding world. What do people really want? I know that it's probably not where I'm heading with my artwork but it is still an interesting place to investigate as an illustrator. There are just so many possibilities...

 If you like this portrait or something like it, you can find out more in my shop!

On Custom Portrait Illustrations!

One of my favorite parts of my job has been creating custom portraits for people. It is all pretty new to me but after I opened up my Etsy shop and started getting commissions to create peoples portraits has been proved to be really amazing.

Creating a custom portrait is a bit like a puzzle. Most of the time, these people  are strangers to me. All I have is a few pictures and the little bit of info the subject gives me. But there is so much information a picture can give. That saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words", is so true when trying to paint someone new. The way the subject holds themselves, what they wear, that glimmer in their eye, says so much.

In my latest portrait I created a portrait of a cool high school girl who wanted a something different for her graduation party invitations. I loved her style, she would definitely would have been one of those kids I looked up to. Here's the pic...

The Sketching begins...I have to really focus on her wonderful bangs and eyes.

I also look at a lot of incredible incredible daguerreotypes online for inspiration...

Via George Eastman House

 In progress...making some changes and adjustments. Since this portrait had pets, I had to get all them just right too. Looking for just the right cat spots to make the kitty's look just right...

All my illustrations are done the old fashioned way of painting over a graphite drawing with many layers of watercolor and gouache paints. I keep adding light layers of paint until I get the desired colors and just the right feeling...

Here is the final portrait!

Didn't it turn out sweet?

If you are interested in me creating a custom portrait for you, check out more examples of my custom work here.

Here's to more portraits!

Meet Olivia.

Here's another custom portrait I did over the holidays. This is Olivia, my friends daughter. Isn't she super cute?

 If anyone would like me to do a custom portrait of them in the new year, I would be happy to do it. Just contact me here ( just leave a comment) and we can start a conversation.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did. Now it's time to finish up everything in time for New Years Day. Here's to new starts and bright futures...

New Custom Portrait

Here's my latest custom illustration. It was really fun to do. I really enjoy getting to know new people and their families, even if it's just through pictures.

I've got one more custom portrait to work on for the holidays and then I can take a tiny little break. I better get back to it now.

If you are interested in a custom portrait. Check out my shop for more info.