Chronicle Books: Happy Haul-idays

I have to start off by saying. I love Chronicle Books. I am so happy that they grace my city with their presence...Now it is time for a Chronicle Books Contest!!! I had so much fun with this contest last year, I'd thought I would do it again. Here's the deal...I choose $500 worth of fabulous books from Chronicle. You check them out...and love/want them. And you LEAVE A COMMENT. And Bam you are entered to win. Then if my blog is chosen by Chronicle, we both with copies of the books I chose! Yay, what can be easier?

Here's this years list!

more info: Decorate by Holly Becker $35.00

More info: Graphic Design Thinking by Ellen Lupton $24.95
More info: Graphic Design for non-designers by Tony Seddon $22.95

More Info: Design Diaries...$40.00

More Info: Fresh Dialogue 7...$16.95

More info: Little Book of Screen Printing by Casper Williamson $24.95

More info: How to Design Websites by Alan Pipes $29.95

More info: Typography Sketchbooks $55.00

More Info: The Art of Instruction by Katrien Van der Schueren $35.00

More Info: The Book as Art...$34.95

More Info: DIY Furniture by Christopher Stuart $24.95

More Info: Same Place, More Space...$24.95
More Info: Botanicals Stationary Set by Rifle Paper Co. $14.95

More Info: I am Yours, 30 Postcards by Joseph Park...$9.95
More Info: Drawing Nature, A Journal by Jill Bliss...$16.95

More Info: Brother Sun, Sister Moon...$17.99
More Info: More Things Like This...$35.00
More Info: Paper & Craft...$19.95

More Info: Land + Air + Water, A Tripdych Journal Collection by Susie Ghahremani...$14.95

So that's my list...It was pretty difficult to choose. Which one was your favorite? Chronicle Books makes so many amazing books. Let's cross our fingers and hope we win. Remember, just add your comment below to enter.

BTW,  if we win, $500 worth of books goes to a charity. I would love to help build the library of San Francisco Center for the Book. They teach old school book making classes and letterpress classes and many other book arts that seem to be dying. I has also been a wonderful place to volunteer and I think they a really positive place for learning amazing new skills. Here is there website if you want to learn more...

Reader Discount from Chronicle Books

the reader via nationaal archief
Ok...I will admit I was a little disappointed with not winning the Chronicle Haulidays Contest but all is not lost. For the next couple of days, you lucky readers and I will have access to a big discount of 35% plus free shipping. What a deal! Here is the link.
Enjoy it...and use it well. And thank you all for commenting. It was a delight to have you all stop by.

And congrats to cakespy on her win.

Chronicle Book love...Happy Haulidays (Win $500 worth of Books)

Let's have some fun...One of my all time favorite publishers (Chronicle Books) is having a contest for bloggers and blog readers to win an awesome assortment of books from their store.

I get to choose $500 worth of super cool books. You make a comment about these books.   Chronicle Books picks a lucky blog and a commenter to that blog. We both win our own set of the books below. Pretty cool, huh?

So without further ado, here is my dream list of Chronicle Books. ( I will admit I could have chose 100)

Loveliness from McSweeney's...more info
Awesome mix of artists and ideas, beautifully done...more info

I bet you can't help falling in love with this book more info
Wonderfully illustrated kids book on seeing the dark and light things in life...more info here

Inspiration to make your space drool worthy... more info here.

One of my illustration heroes...more info

Super talented poster guy from Oakland...more info

Tools for your helping you design your thoughts....more info

Hours of inspiration within these pages...more info

Curious? These projects would make everything you make look better. more info here

Always a handy skill. Learn to make your own type...more info

Get ready to view your competition...more info

or love and reality...more info

pretty ideas for to inspire your mind and your sketchpad...more info

I've got a tiny ass apartment...more info

Get out there and get it done...more info

Categorize this in "things every designer should know"...more info

I gotta eat and this looks very yummy, don't you think?...more info

Where all the love started, vintage illustration...more info
I hope you all like my list. I chose a group of books that are inspirational, helpful and just super cool. It is a good mix of art, design and fun that will push me forward as an artist, hopefully they will rock your world too. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best. Oh, Chronicle books, have I told you how much I love thee?

And remember to leave a comment below to make this magic happen....

P.S. a little more info on how this contest works....

Good luck!