Art Hero: Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha (1860- 1939) is one of my all time favorite artists. I love his style and his incredible ability to capture so much emotion in each person he draws. His work is such an inspiration to me. I love that his work is mostly illustration. It amazes me how incredibly beautiful he makes the most simple things. There is a sort of comfort in his work and a beauty that will ever go out of style.

I've seen a lot of people that try to imitate his work but it never seems to quite get it right. It must be something about the colors he chose or the movement of his backgrounds. The characters he drew had the incredible fluidity which really shows off his talent.

In a ideal world, companies would be trying to create works of art with their packaging. There is some amazing package design being created today but I doesn't always seem to always reach my grocery shelves, but wouldn't you buy more stuff it was packaged like this?

Poster for Amants, Theatre de la Renaissance

Poster for Chocolat Ideal, 1897

Poster for Chocolat Masson, 1897

Poster for Flirt Biscuits, 1899

Moravian Teachers Choir, 1911

Poster for Moet & Chandon Champagne, 1899
Nestle's Food for Infants, 1897

Poster for Bagnolet Soap Factory, 1897

Here are a few the amazing (and very large) paintings he created as part of The Slav Epic Series...the details are so incredible.

Master Jan Hus Preaching at the Bethlehem Chapel-1916
Defense of Sziget Against the Turks 1914

 Holy Mount Athos-1926

Here is Alphonse in his studio working on The Slav Epic

Here is the lovely photo of man himself, he had a pretty interesting an sad life. He died of pneumonia after being arrested by the gestapo after being denounced as a 'reactionary' for his views... I recommend the book Alphonse Maria Mucha: His Life and Art by Jiri Mucha (written by Alphonses' son) to learn more.

Hope you enjoyed the work of one of my illustration & art heroes!