Mini Art Show & New Illustrated Victorian Watercolor Portraits

If you've been wondering what I've been so busy doing lately, well, I am happy to say that I have been creating on a whole lot of new art. Starting tomorrow, I have a bunch of lovely new illustrated watercolor paintings up at the Mysterious Rack (12 Clement Street) in San Francisco.

Here's a peek:

Morris, a interior designer

Miss Ester (in progress)

Miss Stella in progress

Little Elijah, a foundling looking for someone to take him in.

Madame Josephine and the Lovers, a tarot reader waiting for her cards to change

Maxwell, a tough "business" man

Miss Allie and her kitty, hoping for the best of outcomes and families

Miss Ester Framed, hoping that she might too, find someone to love her.

Miss Hazel, widow, wishing for another chance at love.

Miss Leonora, Victorian fangirl, loves a good Gothic tale.

Say hello to Miss Stella, a sweet country girl new to the big city.

Simon (in progress), a Entomologist, looking for love beyond all that creepy and crawly.
There will be a opening for them at the Mysterious Rack (12 Clement Street, San Francisco) on Thursday April 17th, 6-8pm. Stop by and say hello!

The show will be up through May! I hope you like it!