New Work...Victorians in Love

I've been inspired by the upcoming Valentine holiday and I have created a couple of new illustrations of Victorians in Love. I've been imagining them as a successful past clients from my "Ladies & Gents Victorian Dating Service" and have a great time painting them. They went looking for love and they were the lucky ones that found it...

Introducing Mrs. & Mr. Martin Hughes

A bit of a closeup- view of the happy couple...

This is the very improper Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Smith

Is that a certain gleam in his eye?

I hope you like them...

Also...They will be available as 6in x 8in prints in the shop!

By the way, it is pretty interesting trying to capture love between Victorians. For my research, I look at a lot of old daguerreotypes and tintypes and the people have almost no expression at all. They are very stiff and emotionless. But that was what a a proper photography sitting required. It was a serious...but once in a while a little sense of joy would peek out.

Sweet Victorian couple via How to be a Retronaut

 Pretty cute, huh? Have a wonderful and love filled weekend everyone!