Introducing...some new Victorian Portraits

Here are a few new portraits for my Ladies & Gents series...I have been having a wonderful time creating all of these portraits. There is so much I want to experiment with. I would love to create some jewelry with them. (I've been planning on making lockets) and I am thinking of putting them all in a book. I have a few more to do, I plan on doing 30 all together, so far I have 26. And I need to figure out get these lovelorn people to meet. The story possibilities are endless...

Miss Amelia, 26, Ladies Maid

Benjamin, 29, Gentleman

Miss Charlotte, 23, Upper-House Made

Maude, 27, Stage Actress

Jasper, 31, Apothecary

Ambrose, 36, Photographer

I hope you like the newest portraits...If you are interested, they are available for purchase in my shop.

Do you have a favorite?