Falling into Fall

I love fall it is my favorite time of year. I love gearing up towards Halloween and getting ready to share in some spookiness. I love seeing the colors of the leaves change. I will admit, I do miss seeing the wonderful yellows, oranges and reds now that I live on the west coast. It is here but it is not quite as vibrant. But still, there is that wonderful crispness in the air that I love. I feel more alive with it. And for some reason, it seems to propel me to do a lot work. Which is a very good thing, and I have been in the dream mode of creating all sorts of new art lately. Now to just get it down on paper.

Here are some lovely paintings & photographs that get me into a creative Autumn mood:

Alphonse Mucha, Fruit

Can't you smell the crispness of the air here? Autochrome via George Eastman House

Amy Hughes by Charles Lutwidge Dodge(Aka Lewis Caroll)
Another wonderful one by Alphonse Mucha, "Autumn" from the Four Seasons

Autumn Gold by John Atkinson Grimshaw, 1880

"I Wait" by Julia Margaret Cameron
Autumn by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

I'm quite excited about these season of changes.  It will be a very busy one full of work, mini-trips (Virginia City & Tahoe) and fun. San Francisco's summer seems to happen in the fall.  I better get into my Halloween mode soon too. What will I be this year? I better get planning...

What are you getting excited for in the next few months?

Hope you enjoy the fall!