Ladies & Gents, Part 2

I just finished the second 10 illustrations for my "Ladies & Gents" series. Each character will be taking part in a little bit of a Victorian Dating Service. I have to wonder, who will be right for each other, who will be wrong? All of the possibilities are floating around in my head. Here are all the new Victorians...I hope you like them.
Abiel, Age 28, Soldier

Albert, Age 38, Store Manager

Becky, Age 19, Student

Harland, Age 36, Scientist

Hortence, Age 41, Mother of 8, Widower

James, Age 27, Gambler

Lydia, Age 32, Performer

Mordecai, Age 41, Magician

Natalie, Age 20, Cook

Theodosia, Age 42, Widow & Caregiver
I'm really excited about creating stories for each of these drawings. I'n the end there will be 20 different characters. I may do more but I would love to get these turned into prints ASAP. I can imagine people creating their own couples and putting their lost relatives on their walls. Here's to giving new couples a  chance at love...

Anyone have a favorite?