Art Hero: Max Ernst

I love a really good surrealist illustration. Some of my favorites are the weird haunting images of Max Ernst, especially the colleges he did for his 5 volume book, "Une Semaine De Bonte" (A Week of Kindness) in 1934. The collages are a bit of a mystery, they have no titles, and there is no text.  What do you think he met to evoke by these strange collages? They are all just plain creepy to me. And as you all know, I love me some creepyiness.

Here's some of my favorite images from the book:

Here's a interesting piece that goes a bit deeper into his works. In the video they show the original pieces, in which you can actually see that it is a collage built with the different colored papers and drawing styles. I would love to see these pieces in person.

Looking at lovely pieces from Ernst,  I can really see an influence on Edward Gorey's work. Here's one from "A Glorious Nose Bleed":

Can you see the beautiful similarities? I wonder if they were fans of each other? Or were they enemies?
Who knows? But I glad they both exist in my little art world....

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all get out and enjoy some sunshine.