Scenes from a Art Opening...

Here are a few of my favorite shots from last weekends New Bohemia Signs/Jeff Canham & Steve Powers art show at the Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. It was definitely an amazing event and I was very happy such a huge crowd came out to see it. A I am glad to report that a lovely time was had by all and I feel super proud to be part of it.  Take a look...

Damon hand painting the gallery intro.

Damon & Kerry being silly.

Ain't we cute?

Jimmy the Saint, Caitlyn, Candice & Heather (AKA meeting of sign painters)

A Crowd shot...

Candice and her "Paper Moon"

Steve Powers, Damon Styer & Ken Davis

Melissa, Scott & their wee one...

Caitlyn and her signs.

Setting up the show...

(top)Help Your Self (to Alleppey Timber Lorries)
  (below)Help Your Self (to 19th c. French Colonial “Specimens Typographies”, much as they helped themselves to their colonies)
by Damon Styer

By Stephen Powers

By Stephen Powers
Pre-Vinylite Society by Josh Luke

Help Your Self (to Stephen Powers) by Damon Styer

Signs by Ken Davis
A Quart Jar of Jeff Canham

More fabulousness
A sleepy Damon...

Here is the link to the whole flickr set if you are interested...

Hope you enjoyed checking out the show.