Fruits and Veggies for Glob Paints

I just finished some new paintings for Glob Natural Paints. I have done some work in the past for them which was geared a bit towards the kids side of things but now they are going towards more a upscale view. My friend Ashley Phelps, who invented these paints, made them because she had become sensitive to all the toxins in the regular artist paints she was using and vowed to find a better solution...and she did.

As a painter, I highly recommend using them.  You don't have to worry about headaches or getting them on your skin like regular paints. Glob paints are made of herbs, spices and flowers and come in a powdered form to mix like watercolors or (if you use less water) acrylics. They are truly non-toxic and are made with all food-grade materials, and although I will admit they smell really nice, I love the blue, they aren't really for eating. Sorry kiddos...(I say this because you couldn't imagine how many people ask us about eating these paints.)

Here is what I came up with...

Hope you like them...they make me hungry.