Almost February?

Damn...time moves fast. I'm drawing a lot of little portraits tonight. Here is a beautiful Albumen print from Julia Margaret Cameron from 1870 that is helping me set my mood.  It is amazing how much this picture speaks to me. The sitter seems very deep into thought, so deep into thought she doesn't realize her weird little bird is on the loose. What is that by the way? A chicken? I don't know but it just doesn't look right.

"Our May" by Julia Margaret Cameron
Anyway, I'm going to very busy for the next few weeks. But I will try to do my usual amount posts.  I'm trying to get all my work together for my website. Woo Hoo! My friend Kathleen is gonna help put the whole thing together in when she get back from showing her animation at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Here's to having lovely talented friends, and a fancy new website soon.

And, lets hope I don't get picked for Jury Duty next week. It will ruin all my plans for being super productive. These things always seem to have perfect timing don't they?  Yep.