The holidays are upon us... are you all doing? Have you finished all that needs to be done in time for the holidays? I'm still rushing around a getting the last bits and pieces finished. (Driving myself crazy as usual.)  I remember to must remind myself,  it will get done, just in the nick of time, just like last year and the one before it. It is funny how we always seem to forget that. Oh, the pressure we put on ourselves.

And just like last year, the holidays will be done before you know it. Life will return to a mere normal...So get out there and enjoy it while you can.  Let yourself eat a little too much, drink a little too much and live  without a shred of guilt. I know I will...or at least I'm gonna try.

Here is my salute to the craziness of the holidays:

Ready, set...Celebrate..via Nationaal Archief

Wait, there must be something in here for me...via Smithsonian
Happy deliveries...via George Eastman

Oh the anticipation...via Library of Congress c.1910

Things used to a lot more dangerous back then...via Nationaal Archief

kid, tree, shadow...via Nationaal Archief 1949
Kristmas Kittens...yay...via George Eastman

Here's to finishing off the year stress free...hee hee.