November Meetup Goals!

Perhaps a little bit late...

It has been a crazy month of getting work done. I'm pretty excited to blast away at my 5th official month of my illustration business, bluehour studio. Things are starting to happen. And I am ready to get to work after a few days off. This is some of the stuff I finished in November.
  1. Paintings for mini book(almost done, 6 paintings)
  2. Edwardian Masks for Glob Paint.
  3. Created my Fox Halloween mask.
  4. Continue Volunteering and learning at San Francisco Center for the Book.
  5. Go to Virginia for much needed getaway.
  6. Continued reworking of blog.
These are the goals I will be working on this month:

  1. Finish Mini Book, add text and put the whole thing together.
  2. Coloring page for Scoutie Girls' new publishing adventure.
  3. More coloring pages for Glob Paints.
  4. Get website up and working.
  5. Buy archival printer.
  6. Create a set of prints to sell.
  7. Create an Etsy page.
  8. Explore all options for different things to sell on Etsy.
  9. Get more involved with The Creative Empire.
  10. Sign up for a letterpress class at SFCB.
Wonderful pic of Aline H. Rhonie working hard on her awesome mural...via Smithsonian's Flickr page.
 It is going to be a crazy month of working hard and getting everything together. December will be my 6th month marker and a big indicator of how this illustration thing is working so hopefully it will all fall into a happy place. Fingers crossed...paint brushes ready for an awesome month of lovely art making.

I hope you all have a wonderful and successful November and you get all that you want accomplished and then some.

Note: The Meetup is a monthly sharing of goals between artist and creative folks. If you want to learn more and join up( it has been super helpful to me). Contact Liz at her website and start setting your goals.