Scary Vintage Halloween Masks Ahead.

As you would have guessed Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays. I love spooking myself out. It is so fun. This year is will no different. Only 3 weeks time my annual Halloween getaway! I better start getting ready and working on my costume. I'm planning on making my own fox mask out of papier mache and felt. Hopefully I'll get it done in time for the big night.

Speaking of masks, I've been working on some Halloween masks for Glob paints the last few days and have been looking for some inspiration. There is so much fun stuff out there. Here is some of my favorite finds:

Who knew Victorians were so funny? This photo via here

spooky stuff happening over at Country Living Magazine
Amazing masks from Martha Stewart more here.

D.I.Y. , I presume...via costumerism
If your in a sexy Halloween mood check out this D.I.Y. from craftzine.

No time for DIY? These Edwardian Paper Masks are super creepy. 

love this one from opiummuseum's flicker set. The best vintage Halloween photo sets I've seen.

Hope you enjoyed my little Halloween mask adventure.  Hope you are all getting busy making yours, I better get busy with mine. 

Update: Want to see more? Here is a link to a recent post where I added even more creepy masks. Enjoy!